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LINQ to Entities Create Function Import Scalar Value Missing

LINQ to Entities seems really great. It can save you a lot of time in writing unnecessary db connection code, improve the performance many fold, only connect to the db when required (lazy loading), and easy concurrency handling for you.

However there is a missing feature which I found out the hard way. If you try to do a ‘Create Function Import’ and it returns a scalar, the code will not be automatically generated, due to ‘lack of time’ from the MS Team:

MSDN Forums – See the post by Noam.

So basically, you are handicapped! Either write the code yourself or just do it the old fashioned way

Write .NET 3.5 in a .NET 2.0 World

Wow, sweet. Use .NET 3.5 features in .NET 2.0.

A quick overview how to do it.
1. Edit your .CSPROJ file and manually add another reference to System.Core
Add a True

This will make the compiler copy it to the BIN folder.

Thats it. You can now use .NET 3.5 features

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