I’m a developer living in Toronto area in Canada.  I Graduated from University of Waterloo Computer Science Co-Op Program (Bachelors of Computer Science). For the last 8 years I wanted to specialize to .NET. These are some of my interesting things I learned along the way

This site was created to share some of the experiences and tricks that I have learned as a developer and wanted to share with others, so that you do not have to make the same mistakes I made.  Also because I often see bad quality code that makes me annoyed and I have an obligation to share with you why it’s bad, the problems it caused and how to improve it.

See my LinkedIn for more details about me.  In my spare time while not developing or working on my site I do lots of fun stuff with my family.

Sameer Alibhai

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Some photos by Kim Seng,  Pasu Au Yeung, Brandon Shea licensed under creative commons.