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How To Isolate Code To Run only on Certain Servers

Occasionally with websites, the need arises to have a block of code that executes only on a particular set of servers–whether local development servers, or client servers, or production servers. In particular, you may find this useful if you have code you want to run only on development servers. How, then, can you accomplish this?

Proper Use of Static Functions

A static function is static because you do not need to create an instance of the class in order to use it. Some popular static functions are located in the Math library, for example, Math.Min(x,y). Your class or function can be static when it has no need for class or member variables, and it is also compact and stateless. Don’t forget, you have to still consider thread safety!

Prefix tables with dbo. in your SQL

A power tip on increasing your query execution speed is to prefix your table and stored procedure names with dbo. By prefixing with dbo, Our database makes one less call. Normally, when you do not use the dbo keyword, on a query such as Select * from Users where UserID = @UserID, it will first check the user’s schema to see if that table exists for them.

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