Monthly Archives: June 2007

Guid Or Int Primary Key?

When designing a database, and creating the tables and schema, we have to choose carefully what we want our primary key to be. There are many different aspects to this. This article discusses the benefits of using a GUID over an Integer primary key.

An Insider’s Look at Microsoft’s Software Testing

An inside look at how Microsoft tests their code. For testing ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Web Developer, they have ~105,000 test cases and ~505,000 functional test scenarios covered. Their team has approximately 1.4 testers for every 1 developer. Why? Because, They take quality pretty seriously at Microsoft, and because they have a lot of very hard requirements that necessitate careful planning and work to ensure high quality.

Visual Source Safe Pinning Feature

A summary of how to use Visual Source Safe (VSS) Pinning. Pinning is a feature that can be used to set a certain version as releasable, and when you run ‘Get latest version’ it will give you the pinned version, rather than the latest one, which may not be suitable for release yet. It also can be used in conjunction with Visual Source safe branching and sharing.

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