Monthly Archives: July 2007

Smarter Debug Code With Conditional Compilation

.NET introduces something called “conditional compilation”, which allows you to specify debug-only code. Learn how you can leverage this to create smarter debugging code, an asset to development (as opposed to useless print statements)! Debug code that requires no extra effort to remove, and does not add to the size of the generated binary.

Growing Pains of a Software Company

How you can get away with sloppiness by not using unit testing, proper source control, automated testing while having a small number of customers, but as you increase in size it will hurt your organization. This article discusses why as you grow, these issues become more important to consider and why you need proper unit testing, source control, automated testing, and proper architecture of code.

Are You a Sharp Developer?? (Part 1)

Many studies have shown that there is a 10 to 1 difference between good developers and bad developers. How can you become a better developer? Well, there is many things you can do, and this is how you can improve your quality, and therefore get more return on your investment in terms of better jobs, and you can also be more selective about the jobs you take. Here are some tips to make yourself a Sharp Developer – Improve your Communication Skills, Constantly Learn and Improve Yourself, Share

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