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Recursively extract files

i want to recursively unzip into proper folder so i have /home/abdullah/quran1/ /home/abdullah/quran2/ … /home/abdullah/quranfolder/ best way to search inside php files for text yoursearchtexthere find . -name '*.php' -exec grep –with-filename –line-number 'yoursearchtexthere' {} \; i simply want to unzip all of them at once, here is the shell script to do it in

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Advanced File Deletion in Linux

Here is a cool way to delete files according to some complex rules without knowing complicated bash commands. First, create a file as follows that contains your deletion rules. + public_html/ + public_html/* – access-logs – etc/ – logs/ – mail/ – .cpanel/ – .cpaddons/ – .spamassassin/ – .ssh/ – public_ftp/ – cpmove.psql/ – tmp/

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.NET Blogging Softwares

When I first started this blog, it was done in Subtext, which is a very impressive .NET blog software. It is a fork off the old .TEXT blog engine. To give you a bit of history, .TEXT codebase was left and eventually became Community Server. That was my preferred choice of blogging engines, but I

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