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Comparison of MVC+jQuery and AngularJS+WebAPI

John wrote a pretty awesome article comparing MVC+jQuery and AngularJS+WebAPI. In summary, AngularJS looks really exciting, it gives you a really clean development model and it gives excellent seperation of conerns. If I may add, not being bound to MVC means you can replace WebAPI with any restful services backend you like! Read it here: […]

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PowerUp Web Tree

This product is now defunct but if you are looking for some history, you can find it on the Internet Archive Here is a link to the now-defunct PowerUp Web Tree Q&A PowerUp Web Tree History /* Copyright (c) 2004 PowerUp ASP Limited, All Rights Reserved */ PowerUp.Web.UI.WebTree.dll

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How to completely disable ViewState and ControlState

Here is a code snippet that will COMPLETELY disable ViewState and ControlState. Please note, if you want to disable viewstate, you can set “EnableViewState” to false for the page, however you will still see “VIEWSTATE” in the page. The reason for that is because the hidden ViewState HTML field also contains “Control State”, which is […]

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