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Resharper by JetBrains

What can I say.. I am impressed.. Very impressed.  Try it out now – Resharper.  Commercial license is only $349.00 What did I achieve?  Few small things at the moment, improved “extract this into a method” functionality, suggesting when to use “const” for strings, site-wide analysis for problems, convert method to static.  Very cool.. Here’s

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Follow The Leader

In order to succeed as a team, in any sort of team, you have to follow this basic principle, which has been applied and maybe is accepted universally. The principle is simple.    Appoint a Leader Leader makes council with the team Leader makes a decision Team supports leader in his or her decision  

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Get A Build Process Now!

This article will tell you how to get a build process. It uses CruiseControl.NET to automate the build. You can use any other tool you like including a .BAT file, but CruiseControl will do just fine. It’s very easy to set up, it uses an XML configuration file and does most of the difficult job like connecting to your source control, applying labels, and getting your files to build for you.

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