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Get A Build Process Now!

This article will tell you how to get a build process. It uses CruiseControl.NET to automate the build. You can use any other tool you like including a .BAT file, but CruiseControl will do just fine. It’s very easy to set up, it uses an XML configuration file and does most of the difficult job like connecting to your source control, applying labels, and getting your files to build for you.

Visual Source Safe Pinning Feature

A summary of how to use Visual Source Safe (VSS) Pinning. Pinning is a feature that can be used to set a certain version as releasable, and when you run ‘Get latest version’ it will give you the pinned version, rather than the latest one, which may not be suitable for release yet. It also can be used in conjunction with Visual Source safe branching and sharing.

SourceSafe Shares Deleted Files!

If you’ve ever had two or more source-safe projects with shared files, you might be shocked to learn that Visual SourceSafe 2005 breaks one of the holy grails of good design: user expectations.

You would expect that, if you delete a shared file from one project, it gets branched. I mean, you deleted it, right? But alas, Visual SouceSafe 2005 shares deleted files!

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