Pro ASP.NET MVC 5 (Expert’s Voice in ASP.Net)

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Pro ASP.NET MVC 5 (Expert’s Voice in ASP.Net)

So far quite a great read.  Had very good reviews on Amazon.

Comparison of MVC+jQuery and AngularJS+WebAPI

John wrote a pretty awesome article comparing MVC+jQuery and AngularJS+WebAPI.

In summary, AngularJS looks really exciting, it gives you a really clean development model and it gives excellent seperation of conerns.

If I may add, not being bound to MVC means you can replace WebAPI with any restful services backend you like!

Read it here: Building Rich Web Apps: jQuery & MVC vs. Angular.js & WebAPI

Downgrading ATI Catalyst Causes Problems

In order to downgrade ATI Catalyst from 13.4 to 13.1 it leaves behind some OpenCL drivers, and reinstalling does not solve the issue.

Here is the solution

If you have installed a newer Catalyst version ever and go back to an older Catalyst, OpenCL uninstall will not remove all OpenCL files and this could cause your OpenCL to be in a broken state.

– uninstall opencl(64).msi (available inside c:\amd\support\ in one of the subfolders)

delete those files under c:\windows\system32 & c:\windows\sysWOW64 if you are on x64:


and this folder:


– restart and install opencl(64).msi again from c:\amd\support\ in one of the subfolders)

– restart again, now “AML Device Install” will re-create the proper OpenCL database

Source post here

You can verify by running GPU-Z that OpenCL is checked off.

I also had to run Driver Sweeper

I also tried this article on removing the stuff.

Looking for jQuery tmpl (jQuery templating)?

jQuery’s deprecated tmpl engine has been removed from their site.
However you can still find an archive of it here

Run PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 simultaneously

Here is an excellent guide to running PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 simultaneously on Cpanel. Here is the modified version for PHP 5.3.17

PowerUp Web Tree

This product is now defunct but if you are looking for some history, you can find it on the Internet Archive

Here is a link to the now-defunct PowerUp Web Tree Q&A
PowerUp Web Tree History

/* Copyright (c) 2004 PowerUp ASP Limited, All Rights Reserved */


New Domain Name

I have decided to buy a new domain name – I think its a pretty cool name

Allow Visual Studio to use more memory in 32bit windows

Read this excellent guide on increasing the total memory Visual Studio can use, even in 32bit windows

No source avaiable (VS2010)

Did you ever try pausing your code in VS2010? Did you get this very annoying screen that says “no source available” ?

The solution is simple, install this extension

Modifying open source code to overcome inbuilt limits

This article applies to not just this particular piece of code but rather any open source tool you use. It may be possible for you to simply edit the source code and use it modified. Thats the beauty of open source!

I downloaded this tool SHNTool to use to try to split some lossless audio files that we are publishing on The sad thing is, it has a file limit of 256 files, however I needed 286 files to be split at once.

Believe it or not, all I had to do is download the source for for SHNTool and then edit src/mode_split.c and change the definition of SPLIT_MAX_PIECES from
#define SPLIT_MAX_PIECES 256
#define SPLIT_MAX_PIECES 300

Then obviously I rebuilt it (using ./configure followed by make followed by make install)
and it worked!!

Splitting [002.flac] (198:33.36) –> [vbv/002248.flac] (1:20.18) : 100% OK
Splitting [002.flac] (198:33.36) –> [vbv/002249.flac] (1:03.49) : 100% OK
Splitting [002.flac] (198:33.36) –> [vbv/002250.flac] (2:20.72) : 100% OK
Splitting [002.flac] (198:33.36) –> [vbv/002251.flac] (0:31.64) : 100% OK
Splitting [002.flac] (198:33.36) –> [vbv/002252.flac] (0:53.67) : 100% OK
Splitting [002.flac] (198:33.36) –> [vbv/002253.flac] (0:20.66) : 100% OK
Splitting [002.flac] (198:33.36) –> [vbv/002254.flac] (1:42.21) : 100% OK
Splitting [002.flac] (198:33.36) –> [vbv/002255.flac] (0:28.39) : 100% OK

No more “shnsplit: error: too many split files would be created — maximum is 256”

I posted this incase someone else is running into the same problem the solution is quite easy!

and this worked!
It seems that the developers simply put an arbitrary limit of 256.

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